Language Training Center of the Russian language.
Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education for adults "GRANT" Voronezh.                

Basic certificate level

The Basic level certificate gives the right to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation.

Achieving this level of proficiency in Russian language allows the candidate to satisfy the most essential communication needs in certain situations related to everyday life communication with native speakers. This level is a necessary stage for the next (First) level of proficiency of Russian language, after which there are higher levels. Basic level also provides the minimum basis required to hold any professional activity on a limited volume. The Basic level certificate attests that the foreign citizen possesses a sufficient and necessary knowledge for further study of Russian language for cultural purposes and for mastering the Russian language as means of professional communication. It's assumed that in order to achieve the Basic level of general knowledge of Russian language it's required 160-180 hours of study (under the condition of language proficiency at the Elementary level).

Record testing
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