Language Training Center of the Russian language.
Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education for adults "GRANT" Voronezh.                

Intermediate level

Achieving this level of proficiency in Russian language allows the candidate to satisfy basic communicative needs in real situations of communication with native speakers in everyday life and social-cultural spheres. Certificate of this level is required for admission to Russian higher educational institutions with obligatory study of Russian language in accordance with educational standards. In this case, in addition to this examination, the candidates must pass an additional test module of Russian language set on their professional orientation. It's assumed that in order to achieve the First level of general knowledge of Russian language, under the condition of language proficiency at the Basic level, it's required 160-180 hours of study. When learning is "from zero", it takes about 440 to 460 hours. It should be taken into account that the indicated number of hours is only approximate and can vary substantially depending on the conditions of teaching, the chosen specialty and individual student characteristics.

Record testing
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