Language Training Center of the Russian language.
Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education for adults "GRANT" Voronezh.                


Conditions for testing

Testing foreigners in Voronezh entitles you to receive Russian citizenship because Russian language is one of the necessary conditions.

Job center organized in several ways:

1. Testing to determine the level of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language (defined by the ability to study at universities in Russia)

2. Testing of foreign citizens and stateless persons to receive the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Testing of foreign citizens in the Russian language consists of five parts: - Writing, grammar, listening and speaking. Every part is given 30-45 minutes. To pass the exam you must score at least 65% for each subtest. If the test was less than 65%, it has the right again for an additional fee (50% of the exam) to be retested.

For testing is necessary:

1. Appointment for testing in Russian as a foreign language with a view to obtaining a certificate for registration of citizenship.

2. Conclude an agreement to testing. (You should have a residence permit or passport).

3. Pay testing at any bank.

4. Appear for testing at the designated time.

Courses to prepare for the test